Parts of a Group Therapy Session, Part 2 – The Warm Up

After your clients have mentally arrived through the grounding exercises, it’s time to begin the warm-up. The warm up is a time for clients to start thinking about what’s most important for them to work on, while fostering internal and external connections. It can be a time to awaken both sides of the brain through metaphorical thinking. I was taught by an amazing facilitator at Onsite, that there’s no such thing as resistance, only not enough warm-up. The following are some possible warm-up exercises, with an emphasis on metaphors:

The Keys

Ask the clients, “Think about the most meaningful thing you could unlock for yourself today. What is it that you want to unlock? What key unlocks this for you and why?” Inspired from workshop on Onsite.

Stature or Movement

Guide participants to think about what they want to achieve or work on today, and how that would translate into a feeling in their body, and how this feeling would lead into either their stature or in their movement. Each participant will have a turn expressing what they would like to work on today, and how working on that would be evident in their body through their stature or movement.

Yeses and Nos

Have all group members pair up, while one person only says yes, one person only says no for 30 seconds to a minute, then have participants switch roles. Ask each member what they were saying “Yes” to. Then ask each member what they were saying “No” to. Lastly, ask if anything else came up for them around their reactions to the exercise. Group member with specific explanation of who or what they were saying Yes or No to are warmed up and ready to do work. Inspired from workshop on Onsite.  

The participants answers will guide the experiential work done in session. With practice, as you listen to their responses, you will be be able to pair meaningful exercises with each response. These are just a few of the hundreds of possibilities. You will be able to determine what warm-up best suites the group’s needs. The group could be very low energy, so a movement grounding and warm-up can support them in energizing while connecting with their bodies.

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