Speech & Debate – Empathy for the Unknown

Speech and Debate, a play performed by students at Western Oregon University, showed me a glimpse of the emotional experience of a teenage male coming out in high school. In the production, the school’s Gay Straight Alliance only had three members. The students that are gay demonstrated their difficulties in finding self acceptance, the challenges in finding partners, and desire for connection

When I was in high school, I was completely oblivious to the challenges faced by a friend. I wanted to impose on them the values and fears I was raised with. I didn’t stop to think about the vast differences in challenges we faced. I’m guessing back then I offered a whole lot of advise. While I’m much better at seeking to understand first, I still find it beneficial to expose myself to different experiences. I’m thankful for the students for portraying these life experiences.   

Who is a person in your like that you can seek to understand more?

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