Unconditionally Loving Ourselves and Others is Heroic

Officially: I’m a licensed professional counselor supporting individuals in healing and thriving. I guide people in reconnecting to their innate wisdom and strength to heal from traumas, including neglect, abuse, assault, loss, and other challenging life experiences. Unconditionally loving ourselves and others includes setting healthy boundaries and expressing one’s truth.

Bottom Line: I believe you are whole, vital, powerful, and wise. I know you have everything within you that you need to thrive. While I do have an assortment of techniques and tools, you are the one doing the powerful and intense work. While it can be intense, the rewards are absolutely worth the investment. It’s very similar to training for a race, as trainings can be intense, yet before you know it, you are crossing that finish line or are more deeply loving and accepting yourself and thriving.

How I work with clients: I work collaboratively with you, utilizing trauma informed, experiential, and mindfulness approaches. I offer a complimentary consultation session, where I want us both to interview each other. I encourage all people seeking professional support to interview their providers and make sure they resonate with the person and their approach. If you email me at Laura@CirclesEdge.Life, I will send you my guide on interviewing providers.

Psychedelic Integration Therapy: Psychedelics are powerful tools, and experiences include profoundly inspiring to terrifying. No matter what arose for you in the psychedelic space, I believe it arose for you as you have the strength and capacity to handle it now. You may have vividly relived repressed memories and felt the terror in your body or you may have felt more peace and love than you thought possible. After these intense experiences you may have found it easier to leave behind substances that provide a numbing effect like alcohol or opioids, or you may find yourself craving numbing substances even more. Processing and integrating psychedelic experiences can be easier with experienced support, and I’m here to support you along this journey.

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