Slow is Fast

A Navy SEAL slogan is “Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.”

I’ve been working on this lesson for awhile. I was sedentary the first 20+ years of my life; I avoided physical discomfort at all costs. Then in my 20’s, I started getting physically fit, yet the pendulum swung too far. I realized I could push myself through discomfort, yet also pushed myself through the warning pains from my body. I spent years in recovery going to different specialists to relieve the pain from damage.

I recently picked up running again on a trip to Hawaii. I felt so amazing after the first few runs, and I wanted that amazing feeling to stick around. Though pain from previous injuries started coming up on the following runs. This time I listened, even though a piece of me didn’t want to. On several runs, I switched to walking, took frequent stretch breaks, or turned around early. A couple weeks of listening to my body and I’m quicker than I was when I started. I’m allowing myself to deeply let in the message that slowing down and listening to my body allows me to go do the things I desire.

I believe slowing down can allow so many things to flourish, especially relationships, whether it’s your relationship with self or others.

In what way could you slow down to flourish?

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