Exercises for when a Client appears “Challenging” – Group Therapy Skills Video, Set 5 of 12

Do you have a client that’s challenging for you? Here are three exercises to try to support in gaining empathy and understanding for this client:

In anticipation of my next Circle’s Heart workshop, an experiential group therapy and training for healers and leaders, I’m releasing a 12-week video series. These videos will highlight some of the central themes in Circle’s Heart workshop. Each week has a unique theme, and is the following:

The short videos contain snippet of insight for you to spark greater momentum in all of the circles you lead, from group therapy and beyond. If you would like to subscribe to my newsletter, Forethought Thursdays, just message me your email, and you will get links to these videos and other topics on Emotional Fitness. Please subscribe if you would like to see all the videos as they are released.

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