Why isn’t this working?

When a treatment, intervention, or strategy isn’t working, it’s time to pause, breathe, and evaluate. If the term “resistent client” or “stubborn family member” couldn’t exist in our minds, how would we act differently? If we absolutely believed there was a way we could support this person’s growth, how would you act and think differently in the room. Would you blame the other person less and take extreme ownership of the situation? While it might not be true that we can find the needed approach or intervention, if we don’t believe it’s out there, how could we find it?

013 Changing Behavior Exercise

Here’s a quick exercise to apply when you are someone your working with is stating a desire to change a behavior, yet they haven’t done it yet. I first learned it working at this Holistic Rehab. I’ve added to it theories that might explain why it works, to support in a deeper understanding of why it may be more difficult to change our behaviors when we don’t take the time to consciously address underlying beliefs.

If you would like to see a video of this exercise, go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5Pj0Tew1rk

My ruckus making is…

Inspiring our mental health providers to provide their sharpest game and supporting people in healing their trauma to live their best lives. I provide training programs for counseling graduate students and, a few months each year, I act as the lead therapist and interim director for a holistic rehab in Hawaii.  

My focus is…

Creation, Connection, and Contribution, especially around methods for healing. More than anything, I want to support others in accessing internal peace. I want to contribute workshops, community spaces, a wiki group therapy platform – that can continue to grow without becoming stagnant on the creator, articles, systems, apps, and especially new ideas. This shapes most of my life decisions. Saying no to a lot, so I can have the time for creation, connection, and contribution.

I also love learning lots of stuff, especially different approaches to healing, thinking and living. That’s why I absorb so much from a multitude of fields, explore the world, and want to keep absorbing and growing. I connect with those who stretch, strive, and grow, and love having meaningful conversations with others about their view of how things work. I’m optimizing my life for learning and connecting.

The Journey Begins

What are the benefits of exercising one’s bodies? I’m sure you thought of many, such as increased strength, mobility, and stamina. When we are fit, it can be more enjoyable to be in our bodies. Yet, how often do you exercise your mind? This is an exploration of the exercises and tools to make your mind a deeply enjoyable place to be.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton